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Budget Friendly things to do in 24 hours in Chicago

As we continue our Chicago Adventures here is a brief guide and recap to some budget friendly things we did during our free day in Chi-Town (aka what we did in Chicago in 24 hours). Sit back relax, and if you fancy, feel free to use our itinerary next time you visit the Windy City. We highly recommend a visit especially during the warmer months as Chicago has so many fun things happening in the summertime!

As we said in a previous post, we first woke up to this beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan! The day was predicted to be fairly nice with a chance of a few showers in the morning. Before we did anything we decided we wanted to take full advantage of the lovely pool and gym area in The Hilton Chicago.

As children, who else thought the best part of any kind of travel was the hotel pool? Just us....oh got, cool....

After a quick shower we left the hotel for around 9;15 and made our way to Hero Coffee Bar on Jackson Ave. This cute highly instagramable spot was the perfect place to get a quick charge for the day! (Full Hero Coffee Blog Post here.)

After we grabbed our drinks we headed towards The Chicago Cultural Center!

Home of the largest Tiffany Art Glass dome in the world! Fam....this breathtaking piece of art is FREE to see! Plus they often showcase other exhibits in the building! (Read more about our Tiffany Dome experience and to see lots more photos click here.)

After enjoying all the beauty in the Chicago Cultural Center activities we walked back across the street into Millennium Park.

We gazed upon the impressive Cloud Gate....

And although we had "Bean" there before it still, as always is a sight to behold! If you go at any "normal" hour like after oh....6-7am - will always be met by the crowds! Hahaha. Its still fun and honestly a must see if you are in town! Plus walk the park is free! We decided we wanted to splurge and either do the Aquarium, Planetarium or The Field Museum. So....

We walked through Melinnium Park...

Marveling at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion and the Great Lawn.

Some things had been under construction when we had last been in 2014, but this time around, no construction and just a fun little egg hunt happening in the park!

We made our way though the park snapping pics as we went... looking up what tickets were available for one of our options and found that the Aquarium had sold out tickets for the day and the Planetarium was almost sold out! So we decide to head to the Field Museum. This was definitely not a bad option!

We even stopped by the Buckingham Fountain as it was on the way.

The sky was gray but that didn't dampen our excitement!

In the distance we spotted it! We decided to go with the all access ticket for $40. This gave us access to all of the extra exhibits and a 3D movie! (More on The Feld Museum here.)

We had more fun than should have been allowed.... and after a very rapid pace to see it all we decided to go back to the hotel and freshen up before we had dinner at The Atwood. (More on Dinner here.)

Fam we managed to have a ton of fun. and pack quite a bit into our day! We still have plenty left to see of Chicago next time we are in town, but we hope this gives you an idea of some fun things to do during your stay in this captivating city!

Cheers to the next Adventure!

X ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared & Jenneka

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