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The Field Museum - Chicago, IL

For our free day in Chicago, we knew we wanted to see a few of the sights and experience some of the museums! At first we didn't know which one we wanted to see first and then decided to start looking up ticket availability for the day.... our choices narrowed as the aquarium had sold out and the planetarium was close to capacity! So we rushed to The field Museum!

*Side Tip* If you have a few days planned in the Windy City we would definitely recommend getting the city pass, which gives access to many of the sights and museums for a bundled price!

We quickly made our way through the park and down to Museum Campus...

As we neared, we were greeted by a rather impressive Brachiosaurus Replica!

We said our hellos and walked to the East Entrance....

Stood in line for our tickets, and decide to go for the full enchilada! Choosing the all access pass which granted admittance to all special exhibits and a 3D Movie of our choice. (We chose the one about Mummies :-)

Into the mesmerizing world of the Field Museum we went!

Hurridly and Happily using up our special exhibit tickets. We in all honestly had about 4 1/2 hours to see everything plus a 30 minute 3D lets just say we got our hustle on.

One of our many favorite's was the Wild Color exhibit. An immersive experience where each room represented a color of the rainbow!

We spent a good amount of time looking over the plants of the world...

But kept things moving just in time to catch our 3D movie!

After a jump out at you good show, back into the museum we went... ready to enter the #monstersofthedeep exhibit.

The excitement of seeing dinosaur skeletons and fossils will never go extinct!

Thought the prehistoric age and back out into the halls we went.

They were getting ready to host a large event, and the center of the museum was abuzz with everyone getting things set up.

We peaked out through a small window and saw the sun was shining and the sky had cleared over lake Michigan. As we had set a blistering pace through the museum we had forgotten to grab a snack thus making for very rumbly tummies. We headed back to the hotel and got ready to go to dinner....

More about our dining experience at The Atwood in our next post!

X ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared and Jenneka


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