About Us


Janna - The oldest and the shortest. Would love to say the wisest...but that would be a lie. Probably the best eye for design though ; ) We all have our "wise" and "wise-guy" moments 🙂

Jared - The tallest and the hairiest, best brother to ever get stuck in the middle and the humor box that keeps us laughing. Don't get any ideas though, he isn't the only funny one on the team:-) Or is he??? 🙂

Jenneka - The baby, and don't let that fool you! She is the glue that binds and a peacekeeper extraordinaire. Try to mess with her, she has no problem letting her sass come out to bite! 🙂

Together we are The Sibs (siblings). Finding inspiration in the daily and adventure in the mundane! We thrive on making businesses work and promoting things we are passionate about. We firmly believe life is best lived with others and life is too short to have a bad day. Success is a team sport. 

Through this blog, we hope to showcase the people around us, the fashion and things we love, highlight places of interest, put a smile on your face, inspire your spirit and warm your heart!

Thanks for following along!

~ Sibs and Co.