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About Us

Welcome to Sibs&Co a lifestyle brand and blog founded by siblings Janna, Jared and Jenneka. This is your one stop shop for imaginative inspiration ranging from personal style advice, recipes, travel and decor tips, to personal everyday adventures in their other entrepreneurial ventures and life on their “mini farm” in the Hudson Valley.


Janna - Looking for a way to stretch creatively started looking into the world of blogging. From a young age she was always intrigued by fashion, interiors, food and travel! “Yes I was the 5 year old flipping through Town & Country Magazine gathering inspiration to “rearrange” Mom’s living room, make a compost salad for Dad and change my outfit 10 times in a day! I’ve also, always held a passion for writing! It has been a cathartic way to decompress and process the wild world around me!” In the summer of 2016 while taking time off from her growing cleaning business to under go a strict Lyme treatment the original version of Sibs&Co was born. Fast forward through a myriad of personal tragedies and growth Sibs&Co was relaunched and reimagined in 2020! With the help of their friends at Evolve With Tech. She is the eldest of “The Sibs” and when not found dreaming up and producing new content can be found working alongside her siblings to grow their other family businesses, J&J Property Pros and Bee Obvious.
A property maintenance and design business and a cosmetic company.

Jared - Sandwiched between his two sisters and hailing from a very female dominated family, is tender and compassionate, yet a true man’s man! Pragmatic with a strong sense of humor and style. Be it in fashion or in cultivating the earth, he enjoys the merging of functionality and design. Wildly humble, he is a man of action and his word. Although Jared minimally writes on the blog, he heavily contributes behind the scenes creatively giving his unique perspective and ideas to push their businesses and content forward. He is a natural in their YouTube videos and is looking forward to producing more fun and lighthearted content. When he is not building business he has taught himself trading and enjoys learning new things and pushing himself to grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

Jenneka - Naturally gifted in business, sales and marketing. A woman with a green thumb and innate instinct for sleek style, started honing her eye for design and people skills in her early teens. Growing and managing a local farm market for a few years before branching off and growing her own landscaping business with her brother. Bringing a personal touch to everything she does Jenneka makes things happen. She is a go-getter with a strong sense of community building. While she is the youngest of “The Sibs” she is wise beyond her years! She is a sounding board for creativity and a grounding realist, especially to her siblings when it comes to accomplishing tasks at hand. When she is not busy running the world behind the scenes she can be found surrounded by a myriad of dogs and cats catching up on her reading.

Together “The Sibs” utilize the random things and circumstances life throws to bring cohesion and creativity to their lives and yours! (Their aim is to continue to grow this platform into a thriving community of people from all walks of life who want to be inspired to live life to the fullest and feel a sense of joy, encouragement and family without leaving the house.)

Thanks for reading we are so happy you are here! Welcome to the Family!!!
X ~ The Sibs
Janna, Jared & Jenneka

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