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The Chicago Cultural Center's - Louis Comfort Tiffany Art Glass Dome

Prior to our Chicago trip I had picked up a fun little book called Tiffany Girl by Deeanne Gist. To quickly summarize - in said book the main character is one of the girls creating The Tiffany chapel for the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893...that said....I somehow wondered if any Tiffany glass exhibits were still in Chi-Town and had completely forgotten about the book until I started googling things to do in Chicago. To my sheer delight....The Tiffany Dome was the first thing to pop up in my google search! I was automatically mesmerized and decided if we saw nothing else this trip....we had to see this! Oh and....did we mention, to FREE!

After a lovely morning of swimming and coffee....we made our way to the Chicago Cultural Center. The moment we stepped into the building we were greeted by the stunning architectural details of intricate mosaics and marble!

Once we...ok fine - once I stopped gawking - the woman at the front greeted us and told us that on the third floor we would find the worlds largest Tiffany Dome. And after that, they had a Robert Colescott art exhibit. So up the gilded stairway we went...

The details were amazing and honestly the camera really didn't quite grasp all the little nuances of the swirls of color in the cut glass that were artfully placed to form intricate patterns and mosaics!

As we neared the 3rd floor our eyes widened....yes all three of us this time!

We couldn't fully go under the dome as they were setting up for an event...

We could honestly see how this spot would make a very magical event space!

Really the photos don't come close to doing it justice!

As we absorbed all the details we heard the next large group ascending the stairs and so we decided to traverse one more flight of stairs to happily walk through the art exhibit!

Some of our many favorite pieces....

After we walked throught the exhibit in its entirety we decended the stairs, took one last selfie ....

And headed back out into the street, all while chatting about the thought provoking art we saw and the captivating beauty of the Tiffany Dome!

Until the next adventure!

X ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared & Jenneka


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