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The Atwood - Chicago

After a full day exploring the city of Chicago we were getting pretty hungry and the supercharged coffee from the morning had definitely worn off.

We had gone back to the hotel for a quick breather and outfit change... fam, after this whole Covid thing, I wasn't about to forgo an opportunity to "change for dinner" and so of course I did. The evening had gotten chilly and rather than change Jared and Jen just decided to grab an extra jacket and then we hit the town.

I mean, really those boots traveled all the way from NY and to not let them have their "made for walking" moment would have been a travesty!

Setting quite the New Yorker pace we walked through the brisk Chicago air right through the heart of the Theater district and into The Atwood, a modern vintage styled, seasonal American cuisine restaurant situated inside the lobby of Staypinneapple, An Iconic Hotel.

We were a bit early to our reservation time but they were still quick to find us a table.

We ordered a couple of drinks, The Hemingway in London and South Paw were quite top notch!

And then ordered a bunch of appetizers to share...

The Grilled Spicy Buffalo Wings, The Pineapple Teriyaki Wings and The Chili Lime Shrimp cocktail were true standouts and if this were the only things we ate...we wouldn't have been in a world of complete bliss!

The shrimp especially was something very special, the mild heat and sharpness of the lime created a perfect compliment to the texture of perfectly cooked shrimp!

Trust us the wings were something very special indeed...cooked to perfection in delectable sauces, our tastebuds were definitely doing the happy dance. As we dug in, Jenneka couldn't resist the Pretzel Bites and so of course we had to get them to share!

Can you tell we were hungry!!! Hahaha!!

We decided to order a few of their main dishes and since we went during restaurant week, I ordered one of their special three course options. We all of course shared bites... hahah!

We had salads...

And their highly recommended Short Rib Dip Sandwich.

Not going to lie....these plates alone are worth finishing the meal for!

After we ate our main course we of course couldn't pass up dessert!

Their Pineapple cookie Ice cream sandwich was very good....but the stand out was their dark chocolate brownie!!! Served warm with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry was a sweet touch to a delectable dinner!

We all agreed while this is a good dinner spot, we would actually recommend it for a fun lunch or light bite spot as honestly their appetizers were bar none....stand alone deliciousness!

After a fantastic meal we headed for the door....

And walked back out into the cold evening air, thankful for full bellies and the good walk back to the hotel!

Can't wait to share the next part of this Chicago adventure!

X ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared & Jenneka


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