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Another All in the Details Moment

“The Lord directs the steps of the Godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”

‭‭Psalm ‭37:23‬ ‭NLT‬‬

First, I love this translation of that verse!

Next, do you all recall back in March when I wrote a post about how God is in every detail? (If you missed can find it here). But I just had to circle back and revisit this for a sec....cuz honestly, God did it again!

Now please, sit back, relax, grab your coffee or tea and get cozy....this #mondaymotivation has a bit of story time built in😁

Now, before we really get into it....have you ever had a day where you know the schedule is full and then out of nowhere it gets even stupid full to the point of....”I need a nap and I’m tapping this one out!” Peace!

Yeah....well....a couple weeks ago we had a full day turn into something that seemed impossible! And as of late, things have been quite busy! Yet, (spoiler alert) God worked every detail of that day out into a perfectly timed melody, with every chord in perfect harmony! it started on a Wednesday evening when we got a text around 7pm from a friend saying their minor surgery was now confirmed for 7am the next day could one of us drive her like we said we would...she couldn’t find anyone else.

Sure. But, this only added to the 2 houses we needed to clean and the fact that we already agreed to watch our nieces for around 2:30 that day so a parental date night could happen for the parents. Add in Jared also promised to help a friend plant a few trees. Yeah...haha

We took a breath and asked God to just somehow work everything out! We went to bed (probably sometime after midnight) and set the alarm for 5(AM!!!!) can you tell we may not be total morning people🤪

Jenneka and I decided to team up....the plan be to our friends house for 6, hospital at 7, first client 7:30....deep breath and please God....let us be on time! Now our friend is petrified of going to the Drs let alone going for surgery.... sooo she may have taken a few sedatives which also ensued some very comical conversation!

First miracle, we were ON TIME! And as we dropped our friend off and drove to our first job we watched the sunrise and marveled at the fact that no one was going to be in the house, because usually they are home! We could go that early without a problem!

We hustled....haha cleaning in record time! I got a call from the hospital saying all went well and our friend would be discharged soon. We finished up and sped to the hospital. Jenneka drove and would have gone faster, if I wasn’t being the side seat driver telling her to slow down!😳🤣 We actually got to the hospital and had to wait for about 30 minutes. But, we were so happy that we made it on time so our friend didn’t have to wait! She had lectured how as soon as this thing was over she wanted “outta that hospital!”

We drove her home, played with her dogs and hurried to the next spot! We were trying to coordinate with Jared who would be home in time to watch the girls. Jenneka and I were the ones who would be done as we finished up we rushed home! Then Bri— (our parental date man with his wife) called to ask if he could drop the girls off an hour later than planned. Of course we didn’t mind as it gave us a chance to vacuum and tidy up!

We had a wonderful rest of the afternoon and evening watching the girls, making slime and cooking dinner together.

Moral of the story.... just when you think everything going on in life is out of control....always remember who controls the outta control! Know God has your every step!

We Love you Fam and pray that this week you will see God directing your every step on the path He has set before you!

Sending lots of Love!

~ Janna, Jared & Jenneka

The Sibs

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