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All in the Details

Have you ever experienced moments where you are blown away by the certain correlation of details surrounding circumstances in your life? Like, I’m talking about the good ones...rather the God ones....

Here is a small recent experience:

So last week in Jenneka’s blog post she referred to a passage of scripture found in

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

As the weekend had been hectic I was, what I thought - behind in one of the books I was, as Monday went along I found a few moments to at least finish the chapter I had the very end of the chapter in italicized letters was the verse! Yup... Ephesians 2:10! I was BLOWN AWAY! I was “supposed” to read this chapter on Friday or least by Sunday! Yet, God knew the exact moment when it would have the most impact on my heart! I sat back and marveled how beautifully detailed our God is! How perfect HIS timing is! I had been anxious to finish that chapter all the while God was saying,“My timing will be perfect!” I was so amazed I felt I needed to take a pic of the verse just so I would remember to talk about this with my Sibs...

Later that evening we had a very impromptu dinner with a friend. Not going to lie the spendthrift and introvert in me was like “stay leftovers!” Haha...although, the thought of missing out on wings from a favorite local spot was not going to be an option...oh the FOMO would have been all too real! So, off we went.

We were seated in a cute little outdoor pod and while the weather was a gorgeous 60 degrees as the sun was setting I knew I would get of course I had my jacket ready. As I sat....low and behold pointed right at my chair was a little heater!!!

Yes...believe it or not I took a pic....funny because I wasn’t fully planning on this post....yet, here it is....haha....I fully believe God knew I was going to write this and was like... “Just snap the pic....sure...just for posterity 😜🤣”

I was floored! Everyone laughed and teased that I was “blessed and highly favored”.

Now Fam....these small little incidents had come off of a bit of a weekend of inner struggle with questioning His timing...while I can talk a big game of trusting in His timing and plan, internally after those declarations of faith I felt well...fear...anxiety...thinking what do I need to be doing!?!

And then after these moments I fully saw Gods beautiful reminder of His love and faithfulness! I was reminded that His timing is ALWAYS perfect and that He fully sees every detail of my life down to the heater under the table to warm my legs!

So friends, I hope this post has encouraged and reminded you that God is fully comprehensive, He knows the number of hairs on your head (funny cuz we also got haircuts in this weekend too...maybe just another fun God detail and reminder). He sees all the little moments of your life and deeply cares! When we waiver in trust...let’s remember the moments when God has always proven faithful! He never fails to be in every detail!

X ~ Janna & The Sibs

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