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Who Cares?

Ello Friends!!:-)

Do you ever have days when you think, “ Does anyone CARE anymore?”

Well, if you feel like the answer is “No” take a look at 1 Peter 5:7....

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

When no one else seems to care...Papa God CARES!

Some may say... “But how? When all these bad things happen in the world”

I find that more often then not we forget that God has given us a free will to make decisions and choose. We tend to be the authors of our own disaster. However, I want to share a little story that paints a picture of a God who cares about what we care about.

A few days before Easter this year, we had a sweet client that was going away for the holiday. Meanwhile, Janna and I were discussing the Easter Tablescape and what we should do for the florals this year. We finally settled on whimsical ranunculus. Now, earlier in the day we thought of all the stops we’d have to make while running errands and figured flower pick would be on the way back Home. Well...we ended up not having to make that stop because our client had so thoughtfully gifted us with a beautiful bouquet of just what we needed….Ranunculus!!! She had told us she wanted to get us something and these flowers reminded her of us!!!

So folks....just here to say, that when you’ve lost all hope in humanity and think no one cares...there will always be a hint or reminder that you are cared for and you are cherished by an unconditional Love that only Papa God can truly give.

Loads of Love,

Jenny & The Sibs



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