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#WhatLiftsYou (A little mid-week motivation) And a look at Kelsey Montague’s New Mural at Foxwoods

This past Sunday we had the incredible honor of attending the unveiling of Kelsey Montague’s latest mural! This beautiful piece is on display at Foxwoods Resort & Casino and tributes all frontline workers from all 50 states in addition to highlighting the Mashantucket Pequot people and their amazing history!

As we reflected on this past weekend we really started to think about the hashtag Kelsey famously adds to her murals #WhatLiftsYou.(To be truthful we have thought about it since we first encountered one of Kelsey’s murals in Summit, NJ.)

Honestly, this was a great topic of conversation between us and we can think of many things that lift us and put smiles on our faces. Yet, if we have to narrow it down, we concluded this….

Lifting others, lifts us! Loving others and encouraging them lights our souls on fire!

So we encourage you to ask yourself the question….”#WhatLiftsYou?”

If you are in the area we highly recommend a visit to Foxwoods Resort & Kelsey’s beautiful mural (located conveniently just outside of Cedars Steaks & Oysters). After snapping some fabulous pics you can grab a delicious meal! More on that and the day’s adventure later this week!

X ~ Janna & The Sibs

P.S. Take a look at our YouTube video of the unveiling here.

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