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West Taghkanic Diner

Hello Fam! Happy New Year! And welcome to our first blog post of 2023! Okay, so our first post this year was supposed to be a recap of last year and all the craziness that ensued, however it is proving to need a bit more time to write than originally planned. Trust me, last year left us with a lot to process! Haha. So in the meantime allow us to share with you a local gem found in the West Taghkanic Diner .

Funny we have passed this spot since we were little kids and I have no recollection of actually stopping in until Friday, January 13th 2023! Haha I do believe it was a stroke of great luck indeed!

Our friend was in town and we were looking to try a "new" brunch spot that none of us had been to yet. Jen mentioned "or we could even just go to a diner." Lightbulb! This was it!

We drove up to Ancram and in the distance easily spotted the infamous neon sign shining brightly against the threatening stormy sky!

We walked ourselves in and were seated promptly.

We perused the menu....

And made our decisions.... decisions which apparently also led to bro and I walking out of the house matching.

Anyway... out came... coffee... delicious coffee!

We decided to share the special of the day and a lil bowl of chili... just to warm us up for the main dishes!

Jen had the Farmers Breakfast.

Jenneka had the Pastrami Ruben Sandwich with a side of potatoes.

Jenneka was very happy with her choice! Hahah

Jared had the Smoked Half Chicken...

With barbecue sauce.