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Unicorn Theme Birthday Party and Tablescape

First, many of our parties are spur of the moment... impromptu and generally finalized the night before or the day of the actual party...anyone else party this way? 🙂 must understand that this Unicorn themed 1st Birthday party had been in the works since Black Friday 2017 (we actually got a few Birthday party ideas from this shopping trip...the boys attribute our idea/ideas to "madness caused by lack of sleep and a partial food coma.") Ahhhh...yet the boys should know us better by now...any excuse to throw a party is a good one and a First Birthday is something...well that only comes along once! So sit back, relax and join us in our little unicorn Birthday world.....

The night before the party we got a jumpstart on decorating, we assembled this adorable printable unicorn Birthday sign by Diana Miller

We added the little flowers and attached the cutouts to the ribbon by mini clothes pins 🙂 

So while many things went better than planned and according to plan...there were a few minor "quick make a plan B..." moments. Like when we realized we didn't have 18 cream colored napkins -insert uh-oh face here- (I was 99.9999% sure we had 20....but Jen reminded me that we have a few diabolical animals and they like to sneak into the laundry and find things to shred and play with...enough said...we were down to 15.) Then we remembered an old painters cloth that had been meant to be to recycled at H&M. With scissors in hand we got to snipping! 

We rolled our freshly made painters cloth napkins and wrapped them with paper unicorn dessert napkins 🙂 See it all worked out.....

Agate Taper Holder:

From Amazon we purchased blush colored plastic plates, they looked quite pretty and at the end of the night we would have the option of  "to wash or not to wash?"

We set our unicorn ducks in a row, filled up the favor bags and topped them off with printable Thank You stickers from The Girl Creative.

It was then time to arrange the flowers! Ranunculus (from Big Rock Community Farms Market) was at the top of our flower list. These whimsical beauties added that pop of color to our arrangements, topped off with Unicorn Headbands they created a certain magic to the setting.  

As all the details came together, rainbows danced across the table in the golden sun lit glow of the dining room.

It was time to set the dessert table!!!!! Our Friend Lori had told us about a new bake shop in Red Hook, NY that did a unicorn cake! From the moment we walked into Annabelle's Village Bake Shop and met with Annabelle we were enraptured by the ambiance and charm of the shop. This lovely lady and her team are much sweeter than the cakes and goodies they bake!

We also prepared the gift and guest book table....

Unicorn Notebook and Markers: Target

Unicorn Card : Diana Miller - The Girl Creative

Taya arrived before her guests...we couldn't help but snap a few pre-party photos!

Taya's Dress: H&M

Unicorn Headband: Amazon

We lit the candles before everyone else arrived.....

Unicorn Water Bottle Label : Diana Miller - The Girl Creative

Mercury Glass Votive holder: Wal-Mart

And silently Thanked God that we had this party catered! As much as we completely adore cooking....we all were quite sick! Noses running and spreading germs was not an option and neither was canceling the party! So we called on a couple of our favorite crowd pleasers for back up!

Chicken Parmigiana, Pasta and Garlic knots from Madison's Pizza in Pleasant Valley, NY.

And Smoky Rock BBQ in Red Hook, NY rounded out the dining options with the Smoky Rock Family Take Out package #1 - with a  variety of ribs, chicken, pulled pork, collard greens, beans, coleslaw and a a bottle of their signature barbecue sauce, we were ready to party!

Before and after dinner everyone had fun snapping pics in our unicorn themed Photo Booth 🙂

It was time to cut the cake and sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl! 

Everyone was convinced Taya absolutely knew everything was special just for her! The expressions on her face as she opened her birthday gifts were priceless!

As the evening came to a close we felt so blessed to be a part of this special day! Cheers to many many more magical Birthdays for Taya and all of our "nieces"! 

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

XO ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared and Jenneka

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