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Tupelo Honey Cafe

During our recent trip to Virginia Beach WE ATE GOOD! Our cousin really planned out our meal spots impeccably! Our first stop was Tupelo Honey Cafe. After a long drive - of which 90% of the time it down poured - and a lovely little stroll around Town Center we definitely worked up an appetite....although, when aren't we hungry 🙂

This little gem has locations in Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. You could definitely say they have branched out! BUT what makes this spot so amazing is that they have partnered with local farms to curate fresh and unique dishes that are definitely not shy on flavor!

We could call it a farm to table franchise....but any place where crispy brussle sprouts are on the appetizer menu...yup no words! Oh and lets not forget their famous fried green tomatoes over goat cheese grits!!!!

As we were making quick work of our "Share Plates" out came Biscuits, Honey and fruit compote.....

Just as our first course was coming to an end our main meals arrived table side.

Everything on the menu looked amazing and in all honesty we wish we had room for 1 of everything. But alas we narrowed our selection down each chosing something mighty tasty! Oh, and of course we all passed our dishes around so we could all have a taste.

Janna's choice of The Shrimp and Grits were a divine medley of light and savory flavors. With hints of sharpness from the goat cheese in the grits and spice from the chorizo this dish was a textural and flavorful delight!

Jen was torn between a few menu options but finally settled on the Southern Fried Chicken BLT. Melding to classic favorites together on one sandwich proved to be a splendid marriage. The smoky sweet apple cider bacon and dijonnaise are perfect compliments to the buttermilk fried chicken.

Jared's motto is this....when you are in the is only fitting to get fried chicken! He has an excuse for when he is up north yeah Jared didn't need long to decide 🙂 The Honey Dusted Fried Chicken comes with the option of two sides....which Jared decided on the Corn Jalapeño Slaw and Basil & Butter Green Beans. Lets just say 1) We barely got a photo and 2) He ate it so fast we almost didn't get a taste!

Our Cousin opted for the Sockeye Salmon Loaded Grit Cake. This reminded us of Locks and Bagles... just substituting the bagel with creamy grits. Honestly, this was a very elegant spin on a favorite meal concept!

We couldn't leave without dessert....and of course coffee for Janna. The Brown Butter Pecan Pie was a perfectly sweet treat to end a wonderful meal.

No truer words... "Eating together is good for you!"

In the end the torrential downpour we ran through to get to this amazing spot was completely worth it! Now we need one in New York:-) P.S. Jared was 'Utterly" thrilled about this reclaimed materials art piece.


~The Sibs

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