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Tortilla Coast - Washington, D.C.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

If you happen to live in or near Washington D.C. or if you plan on a visit in the future....this tasty tortilla spot could very well be for you!

Before all of the Covid lockdowns we did a little East Coast Roadtrip. Washington, D.C. was our first big stop and of course after a long first day walking around D.C. our tummies were grumbling with hunger. As Jenneka and I captured a few more Capitol Building sunset shots the boys took it upon themselves to find us a "dinner spot." Tortilla Coast - conveniently located less than 10 minutes from the United States Capitol building (which also, made it a huge deciding factor for the guys). Although, this spot may not look like was a hidden "Tex-Mex" gem.

The hostess was lovely and seated us right away. thats not the hostess....its just Daniel :-) and fine....he was lovely too for kindly opening and holding the door for us!

As we decided what to eat...they kept hunger at bay with the most delicious fresh salsa and tortilla chips! Thinking they may have been surprised when we didn't pass on the second round!! Even after ordering appetizers and entrees!

Astonished that none of us got salsa on our clothes......maybe a few drops on the table...but mostly everything made it into our mouths without trouble! Haha!

As we munched away on chips... out came the chicken wings and ranch! Boy oh boy these little crispy guys were piping hot and extra yummy!

We happily devoured our burritos and soft tacos! Judging by what we ordered... anything on the menu is a good choice! After we polished off our plates, we decided a bit more walking was in order. We were hoping to catch a few of the monuments at off we went!

On our evening walk we had great conversation and captured some lovely sights!

Cheers to a great spot found by the boys!

X ~ The Sibs + Daniel



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