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To Play or Not to Play - Does Jared Really Know How to Play the Guitar?

Does Jared play the guitar? It was a question we had asked everyone via instagram....66% voted “Yes, he plays perfectly.” While the rest voted that “No...he is just a good actor...”

Now a fun fact about our Brother...he has a gift...albeit is a gift nonetheless.

You see...he has this gift of memory and imitation. He can easily pic things up....retain information and spew it back like it was all his bright idea!

It was like the time he started studying Hebrew or even now the way he is picking up Spanish....again his brain is like a sponge!

So now it brings us back to the question...does he actually play this thing!?! Another fun fact...he has had a few lessons.... does this help sway your opinion?

Yet alas, the answer is : no.....but....`haha... because he can act like he can - if he actually practiced we think he could pick it up in no time!

Thanks for reading and for having a bit of fun with us!

Until the next adventure!

X ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared and Jenneka

Hat: Vintage Orvis

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Amazon

Large Leather Cuff: Belonged to our Mom and is from Lenny & Eva (we also carry Lenny & Eva bracelets in our shop)

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