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The Real Life Power of Saying Yes! A January Recap…

Hi Fam! Happy New Year!!! Welcome to our first post of ‘22! Just a little heads up…this was not supposed to be our first post of 2022! Our original post was a nice, looking back and looking forward post, a post with more SEO friendly verbiage, an update on some great new blog features, our hopes to produce more fun and informative content…questions for you all…haha and yet, here we are!

We pray this little bit of a life update is timely, encourages you and puts a smile on your face!

This one can definitely fall into the personal post category and is a small glimpse into these past couple weeks! So here we go!

I will let you in on some real life secret sauce…

This weekend we finally had the chance to put away Christmas decorations and clean the house…! 🙌Yes, it’s the last weekend in January and our record for keeping up Christmas decor is Valentines Day! 😂 (Fun and embarrassing fact). The house was semi cleaned 2 weeks ago… Another fun fact - we try and tidy as we go🤪 (most of the time it doesn’t happen…but we try 😂)Okay…we also, may have some Christmas bedding still lingering…but it’s keeping that cozy winter vibe…Haha….Oh Fam…it’s been a full on non stop party since…. October! Not lying! Lol

While we were naive enough to think that right after the Holidays we would have a little bit of time to chill, get a game plan together for all of our crazy businesses, regroup, recharge, have some time off…maybe travel a bit….

Who were we kidding! It has been full on GO! Working, strategizing, being accepted onto a User Advisory Group for ECHO Means Business! Family stuff…all while having more than a bit of fun along the way! We had the immense honor and privilege to play a small part in helping one of our friends with his TV show…! (More on that bit of fun later this year!) To say that January has been filled with growth in so many areas may be an understatement! Ha!

But, back to the cleaning up part… As we were cleaning I couldn’t help but pause and look around at the wild mess that was/is our home (and life) and smile… The bags of craft supplies, hot glue guns and stuff to return (more on why a section of our dining room looked like a craft store puked all over it, later this year when this TV series launches…haha). The Christmas decorations in piles, the cats running through said piles, pine needles everywhere, the dogs freaking out because the cats were having wayyy too much fun… fur balls flying, ornaments shattering to the floor… lost than found computer chargers…Laundry a mile high that needs folding…oh yeah… so thankful for the pretty moments that make it onto our social media accounts 😂 Yet, amid the chaos, I thought of all the times this month we could have just said…no…NO! Nope, not happening! I want to sit by the fire and call it a cozy day! Don’t want to think about a thing! No creativity here! We surely wouldn’t have had this disaster area to deal with! We may have actually slept a bit more…and yet, I was beautifully reminded of the clarity in which God just beckoned us to say YES! Now guys we would say we are advocates of strong boundaries, yet here we were, saying yes to all of the crazy wide open doors that didn’t make sense at the time the ones that still don’t fully make sense… and yet these are the doors we decided to walk through! The ones that wildly flung open in front of us! A yes when in the natural, we were oh so tired! Wanting nothing more than to say…sorry can’t. God has a very funny way of when you answer yes to His call…even when in the natural it should be a no…He refreshes, restores and revitalized like nothing/no one else can!

Looking back at the Yes-es of this month I feel overwhelmed… (in all the best ways!) The people we got to meet, the friendships forged, the friendships grown, the memories made, the work accomplished! The planning that happened! (Okay still working out some of those details…but guys…really it’s the small victories that amount to the big ones!)

I’m quite awestruck… and it’s only just beginning! We are doing things that are new, scary and exciting all while fixing ourselves to stay faithful in the small things! The tedious and hard things!

We are stepping into growth (and those moments of lovely growing pains) like never before!

Today, as we close out January and head into the second month of the year I encourage you to take a moment to weigh the importance of your yes…and no! While we are all on differing journeys the value of our commitments is still the same, this year, let our yes be yes and our no be no. Let’s listen to that still small voice this year that beckons us into the extraordinary! Past what by all rights, should be a no, into a marvelous yes! Our prayer this year is that God would expand your territory! That He would swing wide open the doors He would open, the ones that no man could shut, and that He would close the doors that need to be closed…that no one could open! That while all others around us may say no… your dream is dead, we would clearly hear the voice that says….YES! Keep going! Don’t give up! That God would surround you with people who would hold up your arms when you are in a dry and weary place! That you would find courage, strength, light and joy even amid the darkest moments!

Fam we are so honored to be able to do this wild adventure with you! We are so excited to continue to share the lessons in this life journey with you! We look forward to continuing to grow this community and always love hearing from you! Feel free to leave a comment, share a post, send us an email or slide into our DMs!

We love ya fam!

Cheers to the New Year!

X ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared & Jenneka

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