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“The Process In the Promise”

Hey Fam….Cheers to a great start to the week.

I was reminded and encouraged by some passages in the Bible this past week about Moses and the children of Israel. These were all ordinary people. God chose the Israelites as his people because they were “stiff necked” as the Bible puts it! Hahaha…I laughed and thought “Isn’t this how I can be?!?” Can anyone else relate?? Stiff necked and unwilling to bend because it seems like a hard road ahead!!! I was encouraged because I’m/we’re not the only ones that feel this way!

Countless times God provided Manna (literal sustenance from Heaven)! A Cloud by day to guide them on their journey and a pillar of fire by night….I mean God was leading them every step of the way! Yet, they continued to doubt the promise of going in to new territory and new land after being enslaved by the Egyptians. Can you imagine the constant struggle and wrestling amongst the people?!? God was blatantly sustaining them…but the promised Land of Canaan seemed out of reach. During this whole time God was putting commandments and laws in place to protect his people and guide them safely. But NOOOO! We always have to kick back and rebel because we don’t see the big picture…unbelief creeps in and we only see what’s right in front of us!

Are the stubborn Israelites reminding you of anyone??? We sometimes don’t allow God to teach or refine us because we want to get to the promise without the process. But, the process is pivotal! Without it, we lack the maturity and the means to get to the promise.

So today and always fam…although, we may feel discouraged or that God is far away and doesn’t hear our hearts desire or dreams…think again! It just might be he’s preparing and cultivating you for the appropriate time to get you to your goal, your dream…your promise!

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith.

I urge you to pursue and not give up…

With Love,

Jenny & The Sibs Xo



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