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The Prado at Balboa Park

The Prado located in the heart of Balboa Park was another restaurant we couldn't wait to bring our parents to. We discovered it in 2013 during our first trip to San Diego and its been another go to spot ever since.

No....Jenny is not that much taller than Janna.....sorry Jenneka 🙂

We sat outside on their lovely patio and began to peruse the just so happened we were in San Diego during Restaurant it really gave us wonderful opportunities to try a lot of different things from various restaurants.

Trust was still hard to choose...and we already had a few established favorites 🙂

We decided to start out with the Spicy Calamari Fries served over an asian inspired slaw,  Seared American Kobe Beef Sushi Roll with Seaweed salad and their Hummus with Pita chips.

Side note....we literally could just eat the Kobe Beef sushi rolls as the main course...its a dangerously delicious dish!

As the appetizers were inhaled....we ordered our entrées and a few of their specialty Fresh Fruit Sodas and non-alcoholic Mint Mojito. They are as pretty as they are tasty! 

We swiftly started the next course of soup or salad. Choosing between their Prado Caesar salad, Chopped Salad and house made chunky tomato couldn't go wrong!

We plowed through the hefty portions and continued our feasting. Dad, Jared and Jenneka opted for the Skirt Steak Panini....served with house made Taro root chips....It really was one of those perfect panini moments! Smothered in chimichuri sauce, loaded with horseradish cheddar and topped with a fried tomato....oh baby it left room for absolutely no talking... just eating!

Mama was craving pasta so the Turkey Ziti Bolognese was her delight and Janna opted for the Serrano Ham Grilled Cheese Sandwich....a traditional choice with the delectable tomato soup.

As we polished off our portions we definitely kept a bit of room for coffee and dessert 🙂

Everything was delectable beyond words as always....right down to the last sprig of mint 🙂 

X ~ The Sibs

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