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The Highlands at Home

Have you ever had an image in your minds eye, of the perfect backdrop for an outfit you had been dreaming about? Please tell us we aren't alone ???? Oh well...we have these thoughts....and this fashion post was no exception.

Prior to shooting these images...Jen had gone to bed the night before contemplating  pairings for a few of her favorite Christmas presents. Then an epiphany ....a misty background would serve this outfit best! "Something like google images of fog resting on the Scottish Highlands," she said. And what do you know....we woke up to one of the most fog laden mornings we had seen in a long while! Rushing out the door... Jenny's styled look, ready to go... camera in hand, we found there was a catch...

So....we didn't exactly land in the UK....we were still in our little backyard...BUT...we literally had to chase the fog which drifted from field to field....all while evading the raindrops...

Yet, in the end...all the running around paid off with some fun images... and of course,  Jared and the rest of the boys got a good laugh at us running through the fog and rain....all while dodging doggie fertilizer, happily posing and snapping away.

Cardigan Set: Lands End

Belt: Vintage

Skirt: Myrtlewood of California

Boots: Forever 21 (after Christmas sale)

Socks: Vintage

Hat: Rella - Bea Cuff (sadly this color is currently sold out)

They are running a 45% off sale plus Free Express shipping on orders $25 or more!

Just in case you wanted to check them out their website is:

Scarf: Vintage Christian Dior

Watch: New York & Company

Lipstick: Lancome - Wine Party

Hope you enjoyed this post and got some good laughs. We sure did!

XO ~ The Sibs

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