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The Cat Lady

Throughout our lives...we have always had a cat or well...multiple cats. Some would say we are cat people...others upon meeting us and our current menagerie would just leave it lovers. Between our 3 dogs, 6 cats, rabbit, about 40 chickens and a constant flux of pet sitting....yeah...guess we could qualify as animal lovers. They always seem to find us and in essence they rescue us and bring a certain undeniable joy and vibrancy to our lives...we really do have a bunch of characters on our hands.

So what do you get when you cross a fashion lover and a pet lover?

In this case....a complete cat lady! (Don't worry...we have other animal print clothing as well that will surely be making an appearance sooner rather than later.) 🙂

Since we typically don't travel with our animal brood, on our last visit to Cali,  Janna couldn't resist bringing an outfit set that reminded us of them. And what better look than this to further explore Balboa Park.

We took our time through the sculpture part of the park....does anyone else think this particular art piece looks like penne pasta? Or could it just be our strong affinity for all things edible? ( Insert embarrassed emoji here. )

Hat: Forever 21 (last season)

Cat Shirt & Short Set: H&M (2 seasons ago)

Jacket: Express

Shoes: H&M (2 seasons ago)

Tribal Necklace: Yard Sale

Rope and Jewel Necklace: Target

Ring: Thrifted

Bracelets: Avon (we have had them for about 15 years)

Bucket Bag: Ralph Lauren

Nail Polish : OPI - Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs.

Small Rings: H&M

At the end of the day this was a purr-rect (you knew we just had to) outfit for wandering.

X ~ The Sibs 

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