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“Take care of the Minutes”

“Tare care of the minutes, for the hours take care of themselves.”

~ Lord Chesterfield

Ahhh time! It‘s the one thing you can give but never take back! Time management can be a very real struggle! (Oh, wait just me?🤔 haha).

My main issues tend to be 1) I have so much on my to-do list I randomly spin in circles trying to start everything at once. And 2) I can be a chronic daydreamer. 😳 (I do look at it as a blessing and a curse all wrapped into one😂) Yet, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” moments (Thank you to a dear friend who introduced us to that movie!) aren’t always conducive to actually getting those daydreams into reality!

So here are 3 things that help me “take care of the minutes” without taking all the fun and spontaneity out of life!

  1. Do a task dump! Take a sheet of paper or head over to notes and list all of your “to-dos”. You can have Different “to-do” lists or a massive general one for literally the entire year with all your major goals out in the open.

2. Sort things out! Take those to-dos and break things down to what is most important! If you can tell...I like my lists...and I also get loads of satisfaction checking things OFF my list! So take time to think about what is most important and what needs your attention NOW!

3. Breathe - give yourself grace, time to daydream and recharge! Don’t beat yourself up if every moment of every day isn’t “productive”! Or if you don’t accomplish everything on your list for that day! Because honestly, in the refreshing and spontaneity can come your greatest inspiration and ideas on how to accomplish tasks at hand!

Lots of Love! ~ Janna

and The Sibs



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