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So This is Christmas!

Ok...I know what you are thinking...“seriously are you being that corny as to write a Christmas in July post?!” The answer....10,000 times YES!

So blast the Christmas music...get an outdoor fire...and let’s recap this past Christmas😁 Trust me this post is more than just reminiscing...just bare with!

Let’s just say typically.... I rarely get “surprised” and not that friends and family don’t’s just inadvertently I somehow find out! I either open an email not meant for me...see a text that tips me off as I am just passing Jenneka her just happens and I do try desperately to not find out!

WELP...this Christmas they got me!

Let me rewind a bit...ok wait....let’s go back a lot .

Traditionally, since I can remember and whether we liked it or not we ALWAYS go to NJ/Grammy’s house for Christmas. Now, while our Grammy passed away June 2019 our Aunt and final tie to “how things have always been” died April 9, 2020.

A small important detail and fun fact about Dad....Dad is not a “Holiday” guy. He does them...and did them growing up for us, but, he’s not the first one to crank up the Christmas music! Now back to the beginning of December 2020...right after Thanksgiving we started talking about what we were going to do for Christmas. A few ideas were thrown out, then Dad threw out the “suggestion” of “hey, why not get together in the New Year...(this was all via txt) you know I don’t like to decorate, stay upstate and enjoy your decorations.”

My internal response was, “ok, this shouldn’t bother you, you know he doesn’t love “Holidays” and big to-dos...let him be happy and live his life.” My external response to Jared and Jen was.... “WHAT THE .......beeeeepppp? It’s not about decorations or’s about Jesus and being together as a family! Plus Dad will be alone and I know he’s an introvert but this is rediculous!”

Jared and Jen externalized my initial “internal response”. “Janna...let him be happy and live his life.”

So the week goes on and Dad informed us of a “Christmas party” at his Gym....socially distanced, doughnuts and workouts. “It will be great, you guys have fun..I’m cool!”


The month went on and we agreed to FaceTime on Christmas Eve. Now at this point...if I’m going to be very truthful I felt hurt and angry! Yes, I know we are all adults here but...I was disappointed that Dad would choose a gym Christmas party over us?! I mean I know 2020 had been an odd one for many and he had been dealing with a lot these past years...but....

(SPOILER ALERT! Yeah...he would NEVER... and I can’t believe I believed it....but another thing you need to know about Dad...he is a gifted and masterful storyteller, so believable in what he is saying I think even he can get wrapped up in the image he is creating!) Now mind you...the entire month both Dad and Jen had been planning this! Jared was let in on the secret about mid-December but not another soul knew! He didn’t even tell our Aunt/his sister in VA.

So, Christmas Eve came...the morning was beautiful and warm as we crunched through the cold snow with the pups to let the chickens out of the coop. Our call with Dad came and went...Jen wanted to clean the house for me as part of my Christmas gift...but I couldn’t just let 3 cleaned the house while blasting the Christmas music! After the clean, I locked myself away to wrap a few last minute gifts. Jared decided to “document” the day and was filming me wrap gifts ( again why this didn’t tip me off...I have no clue) then Jared half way through the bedroom door asked Jen “ wait who’s car is that?” Jen was out the front door and...I immediately got up to look because I was curious....


Lets just say I burst into happy tears and cried for a good hour!


I was floored! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!

While I sat back and relished the moment, I was reminded of what a beautiful example my earthly Papa is of my Heavenly Father. While I was happy to just have Dad with us, he went the extra mile and brought he wrapped all by himself! Stuff we didn’t know we needed (hello rechargeable lightbulbs for when the power goes out!) Dad lighting up our world one lightbulb at a time.:-)

I though deeply on the topic of Jesus ( which means He will save His people from their sins) or “Emmanuel- God with us” and although God could have just sent Jesus to save us and be done with it...He went even further by giving us gifts that transform our minds and hearts. Joy and peace that transcend understanding. Hope, even through struggle. God gave the gift of his very presence through Jesus!

So, just when you think Christmas comes but once a year....think again....the spirit of Christmas (Jesus) is truly an everyday gift!

So Merry Christmas in July!

We Love ya fam!

~ Janna & The Sibs

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