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Simsbury 1820 House

It‘s been a while since the last time we stayed in a Hotel/Inn, so when Jenneka and I had the option of either trying to make ourselves scarce at a bachelor weekend being held at our house or heading to Connecticut for a sister guessed it....we chose the latter!

We arrived at the Simsbury 1820 house for around 5 and checked in(n) at the front desk. Everything is very Covid kosher with cleanliness and social distancing guidelines being followed to a T....all while still creating a beautifully quaint and charming air of kindness and hospitality.

Now, to let you in on a little secret....that actually may not be so secret.... I Janna Jacqueline have a serious affection for blue and white! So, to say that I truly appreciated the classic color combination in the decor of this establishment may be an understatement! Also, my outfit did coincidentally match the decor 🤪.

Welcome to Room 209!

The “princess bed” (according to my 5 year old self) didn’t disappoint...the most comfy bed and bedding to curl up in!

Everything was super clean and very tasteful! Classic New England charm at its finest!

We took a few moments to catch up and explore the room!

Including the balcony!

After we got settled a bit, we started to really get hungry! The lovely restaurant attached to the Inn was bustling and while the food seemed delicious...we were ready to chill. Sooo we ordered food from Joe’s Pizza located conveniently across the street😁

We went for a little stroll to pick up the food...

And gladly brought it back to the room!

New England Clam Pizza, fried Brussels sprouts, Greek salad and grilled shrimp... gosh you would have thought we ordered for Jared too with all of it....

But one bite in....

And we knew...there wouldn’t be any leftovers!

We ended the evening with a lovely selection of complimentary tea and coffee from the Inn....wrote a few letters and caught up on some reading!

The next morning, we took our continental breakfast back to the cozy and had breakfast in bed!

We leisurely, spent the morning doing sheet masks, chatting and reading!

That small overnight was a delightful recharge. We honestly can’t wait to be back to the Simsbury 1820 house and explore more of the adorable town of Simsbury Connecticut.

Until the next adventure!

X ~ Janna & Jenneka

The Sibs

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