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Shake the Fake

“I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world

Life in plastic, it's fantastic”

~ Aqua

Yup those are lyrics to a song we heard in the Karate school as kids. Wildly inappropriate for small children...but, then again…as kids you haven’t a clue what half the words mean anyway😂 Let’s just say we needed to listen to a lot of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to make up for the brain cells lost while listening to the sound tracks of our youth and martial art days.😳

While 2020 was a year where a lot of us were stretched in ways we didn’t think possible and while many of us had a shift in priorities and perspectives we still seem to idealize that “life in plastic” aka the fake. So as we are entering into the last quarter of 2021 let’s look at 3 things we can shake.

  1. Shake fake perceptions of people. We tend to have the potential to judge people before we get to know them. While there is a healthy dose of “intuition/vibes” that we may have when we meet another person, we shouldn’t assume the worst, or best until we get to know them. We don’t know what someone else is going through or their story.

  2. Shake fake body expectations. Let’s face it....our bodies have all been created fearfully and wonderfully. And...Oh. My. Word. Dare I say differently! What workout regime or face cream works for one may not actually work for another. And that is OKAY! We can all at one point or another get caught going down the rabbit whole of comparison. Thinking “if I do this I will look exactly like…” ‘fill in the blank’. While it is important to take care of our bodies it is equally important to not idolize retouched fake.

  3. Shake the fake things we put into our bodies, minds and spirits! Guys there are a lot of “imitation” products on the market these days…and while these things are all a fine and dandy choice you can make and are sometimes a fun splurge…our motto is… if it’s something from the earth it causes mirth if it’s fake it will make you ache. 😂 Okay okay…maybe not our full motto but you get the picture! In the long run when we put fake things into our bodies, processed foods, fake sugars, dyes ect. Or we aren’t living present and overload our minds with things that are superfluous and just distractions. Sometimes, we have the tendency to go to God if we are in trouble or not at all! We have a crash and burn moment. We find ourselves at a deficit, we may actually feel full but are lacking necessary nutrients…we may feel a brief moment of fleeting happiness but won’t experience true joy because what our hearts truly seek is not found in the superficial. We may find ourselves going to church or hearing a sermon, yet, are we truly listening and digging in? Are we being transformed from the inside out… forming a relationship with Jesus for ourselves and not just doing what looks good?

So fam, as we are entering this final quarter of 2021 and as we look forward to 2022 let’s continue to check our hearts and shake out the fake and superfluous things that distract us! Cheers to living life fully, mindfully and with purpose!

X ~ Janna & The Sibs

P.S. If you care to shop this look it is available through the link below. 💖

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