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Pub Wolf & Workman- St. Paul W Montréal

Another foodie highlight of our Montréal trip was Pub Wolf & Workman. We visited twice during this trip, so you know it was good!

To give proper credit, Jared found this spot while looking for pubs to visit with Anthony, he figured we gals would go do something (like shop) while the boys just hung out in a pub. Well, thankfully we all stuck together this trip and made some pretty fun memories because of it!

Our first visit to Wolf & Workman was for after dinner drinks. Jared had mentioned the spot and we gals all decided we didn't want to miss out! It looked very cute and if you all know me, I adore beautifully decorated places to eat and drink especially when their menu seems equally impressive! Tucked down a quaint European feeling street on Saint Paul W we saw the painted sight, illuminated by a perfectly placed spotlight. We entered and went through the narrow doorway, through red velvet curtains and straight into the bar area of the pub, where we were greeted by a cheery host. We were seated quickly in the dimly lit, bustling dining room.

The air was filled with boisterous laughter, chatting and thumping music!

We ordered our first round of drinks. And happily reminisced about the day's adventures!

It wasn't long before the fellas out paced us gals in the drink count. Maybe we were just chatting and people watching more than the boys! Also, Kate's face in these shots were priceless!

And it was on account of what our dearest brother had ordered. A cocktail with the moniker Ninja Turtle... he loved it! We all thought it tasted a bit like pickles and that it didn't mix well with the rounds of drinks we all had in front of us!

Nevertheless.... he throughly enjoyed it to the last sip! We decided to break up the drinks with a few desserts during the time we sat soaking in the atmosphere, delighted by one another's company! We stayed and sipped for hours! We all agreed we needed to come back to see how the food menu was!

So, on our last day in the city we headed back to the mirrored door of Pub Wold and Workman for our send off lunch! The vibes were so different yet, equally inviting! We perused the menu and Claudia and Anthony made a pact to share their respective meal choices!

We were all witnesses! And no one else made any agreements to share anything!

We decided coffee and waters would be the drinks of choice that afternoon!

And soon after we sipped our coffees, our meals made a grand entrance!

No one was disappointed in their choices! The burgers were fabulous!

The Salmon Gravlax was sublime, mingling the perfect balance of flavors and textures!

Jenneka enjoyed her Howard Scotch Egg.

While Claudia and Anthony made good on their former agreement of sharing their Slow Cooked Oxtail Gnocchi and salad.

Another, amazing meal was in the books! And this trip truly has memories to last a lifetime!

Stay tuned for more adventures from this amazing trip!

Until Next time Fam!

X ~ Sibs & Co.

Janna, Jared, Jenneka

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