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Palm Canyon Trail at Balboa Park

 Tucked inside Balboa Park lies a treasure in the form of a historic and picturesque trail with about 58 varieties of palms... some dating back to 1912!!!! This fairly easy hike was a perfect nature walk and lush spot to take a few pics (of course).

As we descended from the entrance near the International Cottages and United Nations Building....we left Jared holding the bag and started to snap away.

Dried Flower Ring : Ruby Robin Boutique (Etsy)

Dried Flower Bracelet and Necklace : Ruby Robin Boutique (Etsy)

Feather Ring: Karamboola

As we basked in the lovely ambiance Jenny couldn't help but imagine herself stranded in this lush jungle.....

With Jenny in the jungle and no cell service...okay...okay... there was cell service...and we were just being dramatic....Jared was MORTIFIED! 

Boots: Forever 21 

Every time we stopped to snap a shot...Jared would beg to make sure no one else was hurriedly we snapped away.... oh but took a bit longer to get this shot just right! 🙂 This blog is proof we have the best brother around....he amuses we embarrass the living day lights out of him!

Soon everyone was in on taking pictures, who....but Jared could resist especially when we were in the presence of over 100 year old trees with root systems that no one would believe.

Just to give you a feel for the vastness of these large timbers....Jared is 6'3 and Jenneka is 5'7.....These trees = VERY TALL.

We made it to civilization....or err...we really never left, although this relaxing and sight filled walk really is a must while exploring Balboa Park.

X ~ The Sibs

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