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Our Day at Foxwoods Resort & Casino - Plus The Unveiling of Kelsey Montague’s Mural

If you are wondering what Janna is holding, yeah….it’s toilet paper….no you weren’t seeing things! Now, for the story as to why she is holding it….keep reading, as we will get to it 😂…

Get cozy, here are all of the details from our day at Foxwoods…starting at the very beginning 😁

It was a regular Wednesday and out of the blue Janna noticed we had a DM…..from Foxwoods Resort and Casino! Honestly, at first she made sure it was legit and it was in fact “Foxwoods”. 😂 After confirming…haha….she opened the message, it was an invite to the unveiling of Kelsey Montague’s new mural at the Resort! We sorted the details and were all set to travel up on Sunday with friends who would be visiting us that weekend!

Sunday morning came and we loaded into our vehicles, we took separate cars so our friends could head back to the city directly from the Resort. We drove through all the beautiful back country roads, got a bit held up due to the rain and a couple of pit stops! Haha…the first was a bathroom break at a drugstore (we all should have forced ourselves to go at this moment….but…of course we didn’t!) So the second…was a bathroom break…on the side of the highway! Yes you read that second one correctly! Apparently, due to current Covid circumstances none of the gas stations along our route in Connecticut had restrooms open to the public (I called to make sure!)

”It was a literal ‘pull over’ moment as I was ending the phone call 😂 Jared and our friends, Rocio and Patrina, graciously obliged to pull over and Jenneka and I found our favorite trees.”

Mind you this scene was wildly comical as I navigated a steep ditch, speeding cars and a very full bladder all in heels, whilst Jenneka and her many years of being in the landscaping business make her an outdoor bathroom PRO! 😂 After that little pit stop we were back on track and only minutes from our destination!

We found parking and Jared just fit his truck into the spot!

No joke, we had one way to go…and that was straight up! Turns out we were parked directly under where we needed to be!

We made it to the unveiling…a bit behind schedule, yet, just in time to meet Kelsey, her sister and the wonderful people at Foxwoods who made this spectacular event happen!

The artist and her masterpiece!

Jump into more of the Mural Unveiling details

After the unveiling, we were hungry! How incredibly convenient it was to have Cedars Steaks & Oysters right next to the mural!

We went at a great time (around 1pm) as the restaurant wasn’t overly busy.Yet, had a steady flow of the lunch crowd!

They tantalized our tastebuds with the fluffiest warm bread and globs of salted butter, as we decided to start the meal with their famous Seafood tower!

GUYS! No one was mad about this choice as everything was right out of the ocean fresh and delicious!

Well maybe no one but the lobster😬

Next, we had a round of their New England Clam Chowder! THIS….was one of the best clam chowders we have ever eaten! Clams in every bite, the perfect creamy consistency, the flavor!!!!!!🤤🤤🤤

If you are here….and you like clam chowder…YOU have to try this one!!!!

We moved right along to our separate entrees!

Believe it or not….Jared just ordered a Cobb salad! Topped with bacon, fried onion and creamy dressing….it was all he needed (especially after he had been on a month long carnivore diet 😂).

Rocio got the steak!

Patrina and I got lobster roll.

(Thanks you Patrina and Rocio for the beautiful pictures!) And Jenneka had the sliders!

We were, pop the button on your pants kinda full and had to skip dessert! We couldn’t fit another bite….even though trust us…we wanted to!

We decided we needed to walk off our meal…so off we went!!

Rocio was the only one brave enough to give gambling a shot!

She picked her game….

And we all tried to figure out what to do 😂

Let’s just say, due to our lack of experience and actual knowledge of how to play these games, after loosing about $3.50 - we decided to take a gamble…in the outlets!

Jackpot!!! We hit it big!

We were pretty “lucky” after all!

We all got some really great deals on things that had been on our wishlists!

Jared probably got more than he bargained for as he patiently waited for us in each shop and snapped a few of the above pics! Guys… he really is the best brother!

We left Foxwoods Resort and Casino with relaxed bladders, 😂 lots of laughs and beautiful memories, new friendships, stronger friendships, full bellies and even fuller hearts!

Out of the 9 million square feet that is Foxwoods Resort & Casino we barely scratched the surface! Can’t wait to be back to explore even more!

X ~ Sibs&Co

Janna, Jared, Jenneka , Rocio & Patrina

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