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Mother’s Day Indoor Picnic Tablescape

If you need inspiration for a last minute Mother’s Day brunch Tablescape we have you covered! This is one of our favorite settings to date! We decided on an indoor picnic, set with mismatched blue and white dishes!

We hauled one of our teak wood outdoor lounge chairs inside to be the “table” and covered it in white tablecloths.

This type of setting has been in my brain for a while now, but the indoor picnic part really took it to the next level! (Special thanks to Revel Picnic Co. for the inspiration!)

We broke out our favorite second hand blue and white placemats from Spode and set a crisp white dinner plate as the base.

We found these beautiful mismatched dish and bowl sets on Amazon that perfectly went with our vintage cobalt glasses!

I hadn’t been fully sold that we were going to do this blue and white theme for Mother’s Day....yet, while strolling through the grocery store a few days before this shoot I came across these blue and white Peruvian lilies....the eucalyptus was on sale and that really was the moment where my mind was made up!

To go along with our Harney & Sons Mother’s Bouquet tea we broke out the Trader Joe’s Sparkling Lemonade...we went with the aesthetic 😁

We broke out the blue and white teapots and vintage flatware to complete the look!

We lit the candles and got ready to pass around the soup and charcuterie boards!

Hope this inspires you to create your own version of our little indoor picnic!

Happy Mother’s Day!

X ~ Janna, Jared & Jenneka

The Sibs

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