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Mission Hills Nursery

While in southern California, we decided it would be fitting to visit and explore the oldest garden center in San Diego. This nursery was founded in 1910, by Kate Sessions who had a major impact on the horticultural development in the San Diego area and Balboa Park. Leave it to a bunch of nerdy homeschooled kids to jump at an educational experience while trying to be on a " family vacation" ....thanks will never leave us 🙂 Plus...

You can't take the gardens away from the gardeners, and although we are primarily based on the east coast we were eager to learn a bit more about our western plant counterparts! It's amazing how many plants actually fit on both coasts, yet are seasonal or even house plants when taken from west to east due to specific climate zones for each area.

Onward we charged...The sibs spreading out to all corners of the nursery... Janna, with camera in hand went to town!

Through the vast array of colors we stumbled across these guys....

Rock Faces! They reminded us of something out of "The Lord of the Rings"! Then...we heard....a rooster crow!?!? Could it be??? Or were we just hearing things!?

 Being directed by the sound through the shrubbery.....

A chicken! But we heard more! Down the aisle we went...following the lone hen! Then we saw it...a coop in the center of a nursery section! Ahhh...plants and chickens a perfect eco system!

Those chickens looked just like ours...making us feel right at home! But enough talk about poultry...we were here for the plants!

We also came across these endearing sculptures.

The most adorable rock creatures you ever did see! Again... flashbacks to "The Hobbit" and a much cuter version of the stone giants!  Between the rock animals and succulent plants...

It was hard convincing Jenneka and our Mum, that a box of succulents and an arm full of rock animals would make for a very uncomfortable flight back to New York! 

But in the end...

Practicality won! The cacti and rock creatures remained in their warm environment....until we meet again! 🙂

X ~ The Sibs



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