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Mens Fashion-The Happy Hipster

During our trip to Virginia Beach Jared discovered a new favorite outfit...or well we kinda made him discover this newfound favorite outfit.

This outfit is perfect for this time of year due to the lightweight jacket with removable lining added to the traditional jeans and t-shirt look.

Jacket: 90's Georgio Armani (Thrifted)

T-Shirt: H&M

Glasses: Ray Ban

Boots: DSW - Seven 91

Jeans: H&M

At the end of our little "outfit shoot" Jared just couldn't help himself....he just had to be a goofball (he literally made people on the streets stop, stare and laugh out loud...that for him made his antics and this photoshoot worth while)....and then....he walked away.

X ~ The Sibs

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