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Mélisse - Rue William, Montréal

Tucked away on Rue William lies a trendy vibrant eatery called Mélisse. We originally stumbled upon this restaurant 5 years ago as it was only a few doors down from another Rue William favorite - Tejano Burrito

During this adventure to Montréal we put it high atop the list of places we wanted to re-visit. Plus, we really wanted to share this wonderful dining experience with our friends who joined us this trip.

With its charming decor, amazing staff and wildly delicious food, this spot is the perfect place to gather over a glorious meal.

But First....Coffee... and Iced Chai Tea Lattes.

Since Melisse serves dishes that can be shared tapas style or enjoyed all to oneself... We opted to share a few dishes on the menu. We started with the Beef Tartare & Beet Salad.

Both DELICIOUS... yet, we all agreed that the beet salad was truly something special! The sweet savory candied nuts and pickled string beans from the summer just got us! The dressing perfectly balancing the sharpness of the arugula and the softness of these impecably cooked beets! Again highly recommended if it's on the menu when you visit!

We enjoyed our first course and happily awaited our next!

They really flexed their Mussels on this round 😉

Their homemade spaghetti with savory buttery herbed beef really wowed everyone at the table! This pasta dish of the day did not disappoint and each dish was perfect for the cold snowy day outside! Let's just say Mèlisse served up a heavenly dose of Spring Sunshine!

We were already all smiles.... and then...

Collectively decided we had saved enough room for dessert!

We couldn't go wrong with a chocolate dessert or a citrus dessert.... truthfully...anything on the menu is sure to delight!

We left completely satiated and ready to take on the day exploring Montréal's Underground City.

Until the Next Adventure,

Janna, Jared, Jenneka, Kate, Claudia & Anthony

Sibs & Co

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