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Lord Show Me A Sign

Hello Fam!

Here with another #Mondaymotivation.

Today’s thought is inspired by Bruce Almighty. Hahah…. back to the movie references again!:-)

So…I’ve never seen the entire movie, but I remember walking in to watch a scene and it happened to be something that stuck out to me. If you’ve seen the movie or not…you may get an “ah-ha” moment.

I’m taking you to the part where Jim Carrey’s Character (Bruce) had just lost his job and he is frustrated with God. He’s driving along frantic as he’s asking God to show him a sign “what should I do” he kept passing

“caution ahead signs” and various things kept happening to STOP HIM. But, Bruce was so caught up in being angry at God for getting fired he didn’t see the signs God was putting in front of him!!! Hahah I laugh because this couldn’t be truer to how we react to certain happenings at times. We are so caught up and enveloped by getting fired, or things not going the way we had planned and blame it on God. When in all actuality, God sees the bigger picture and outcome….we only see the small scope of what’s right in front of us and sometimes lack understanding.

I implore you today to recognize the opposition and realize God is turning it in to opportunity. Or He’s teaching us something. Growing pains hurt…but are beneficial. When we refuse to be aware of the signs it can be detrimental to us.

When I’m talking to you I’m talking to myself!

Let’s actively pursue slowing down and listening before we do something rash and get ourselves into positions and places prematurely. Be aware of the signs!!!

With Loads of Love,

Jenneka & Da Sibs

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