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Lay Your Pride Down

Welcome back everyone!

I’m getting right in to the nitty gritty on this one kids…so buckle up!

Who else struggles with pride or ego around here?

I know I do!!!

I sometimes allow my selfishness and own desires to get the best of me!

I’m not trying to convey that we shouldn’t point out or know our strengths and great qualities. But, sometimes we can get so consumed with how others perceive us that we’re looking more to puff ourselves up and advance ourselves rather than looking out for others.

I am humbled by the story of Jonathan and David in the Bible. 1 Samuel shares a lot about their story and brotherly friendship. They were willing to go to great lengths for each others success!

A quick back story…Jonathan by birthright was suppose to succeed the throne…he was literally next in line to be King!!! Yet, God had other plans and David was called to take Jonathans rightful place instead. Think about this for a moment. How would you feel if you were next in line to be King or Queen? You would want to take what was rightfully yours…wouldn’t you?

Not Jonathan, he was willing to protect and lay down the throne and his own life to allow David to fulfill the purposes God had for him.

Jonathan, understood the bigger picture and wasn’t going to get in the way of that! Wow, if I were in his position I would hope to be as honorable as he!

Jonathan, chose selfless instead of selfish. Instead of trying to undermine David, he backed a brother up! I am humbled and convicted by such a story!

Sometimes others succeed before we do. But, to rejoice with those who are rejoicing is a great way to start walking in to your calling. It’s difficult to have this outlook because pride likes to creep in and say “that should have been me!”

Today and always family…may we carry the honor and integrity of Jonathan with us as a reminder…that despite what we think should be rightfully ours…let’s think about putting another before ourselves and watch how because of that…their success becomes your success too.

With Sincere Love,

Jenneka & Da Sibs

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