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Jared’s 8 tips For Cooking the Best Savory Cast Iron Skillet Seared Steak

Steak Season….is there really such a thing!?! Haha…I guess you could say in our family steak season is all year long…Especially when Jared cooks it in his favorite cast iron skillet!

Honestly, we (Jared especially) fell in love with cooking in this type of pan A) during the height of Covid and B) Because it means mostly minimal clean up.🤪

*In this post we are adding commissionable links, so if you click or purchase through it we get a small commission. Your support is much appreciated.😁👍🙏💖* And now to the nitty gritty of how Jared gets his steaks soooo darn tasty! Trust us, it’s so simple “even I can do it” says Jared!

Tip 1. Marbleization Is Key

Choose cuts like rib eye or porter house for optimal meat/fat ratio….A.K.A - Some fat on the meat is good!

Tip 2. Don’t over complicate it.

Simple Salt & Pepper seasoning is sometimes all you need. Once you season, make sure you massage it well into the meat.

Tip 3. Let meat sit out at room temp for 15-20 mins with the salt and pepper rub.

Tip 4. Cook these babies in a cast iron skillet.

You won’t regret it! Again, you can use a regular sauté pan…but honest to goodness there is just something extra special about that cast iron! it’s been our for real, new favorite pan for over a year now!

Tip 5. Heat pan until it smokes slightly (this is if you have a preseasoned cast iron skillet). If not, heat pan to a high temperasure…but not to where the butter burns. Keep pan on a fairly high heat throughout cooking process no matter what type of pan you wind up using.

Tip 6. To achieve a medium-rare doneness, for every inch of meat cook each side 1 minute. Flip and repeat. So for 1inch thick steak, cook 1 min each side and repeat. (4mins total cook time)

For 2 inch thick steak cook 2 mins on each side/repeat. On that second flip you are going to want to cover meat to let it “sear steam” plus at this point the butter really starts to dance it’s way out of the pan! You can find a great lid here.

*if you want to be extra fancy you can quick sear each corner of the meat right before the second round of cooking just until slightly browned.

Tip 7. Don’t be afraid to eyeball timeframes

according to how done you like your meat 🥩

Tip 8. Don’t skimp on the butter! While any old butter will do….grass fed high quality butter is best!

Also, you can find another great cast iron skillet here . Sorry Fam, steaks aren’t included in that link 🤪.

Happy Cooking! And even happier eating!

X ~ Jared & The Sibs

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