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It’s the Little Things

“It isn’t the great big pleasures that count the most; it’s making a great deal out of the little ones.”

~ Jean Webster

So I just celebrated a Birthday... yet, in all of my years thus far...I can honestly say that sometimes life isn’t all about making a big deal out of the big deals....rather, it’s truly realizing the small moments and celebrating them to their fullest!

While celebrating huge achievements and sought after milestones is fantastic (definitely a proponent) I am always reminded of the little things. Such as, “who is surrounding me in these moments that bring extra joy?” Is it really the event or is it actually the people who make the event special? ( *Hint...for me it’s always about the people*).

I look at seemingly little moments like dinner with family and friends - these times are most precious! While many would be like...”it’s not a big deal it’s just dinner...” I really see it as a time to be able to connect with people I love (regardless if the food is tasty or not).

So in a society which lends itself to celebrating monumental moments let’s remember to truly take a step back, revel in and relish the little moments...because sometimes we just need to make a big deal out of the amazing small moments!

Lots of love Fam!

~ Janna & The Sibs



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