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It’s The Climb-

Yet another reference to a song. Hahah I think this one was from the Hannah Montana movie. Not that I watched but I remember the last portion of lyrics to the song that was talking about “It’s the Cliiimmbbbb”🎼🎤🎼

Anyone else remember??? No, just me??? Ok, moving on then😂 Anyway, we’ve been trying to make hiking a healthy habit and while doing these hiking excursions some, mind you...are 10-12 miles long with plenty of uphill climbs and challenges that take a certain grit and mental toughness to get through. Now, while all those traits are good to have in the back pocket, you can’t forget to look up and around to see just how far you’ve come!!!

We laughed on one of our most resent sib descents from the mountain realizing that it was a completely different perspective when we took a moment to see how far we had come. You’re soooo focused on gritting through that you forget about the journey that got you to the scenic overlook of the picturesque and majestic Mountain View!

So today friends, I implore you make the ascent and the sure to take a moment to look up, back and all around you to remember just how far you’ve come!

Cheers to the journey....

Jenneka & the Sibs xx



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