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Island Pasta

After a fun morning touring around the Hotel Del Coronado, we all started to feel a bit hungry. Jared had spent the latter part of our "Marilyn Moment" photo shoot contemplating where to eat. While walking through town... we decided to go back to an old favorite!

Island Pasta had been one of our go to spots back in 2013! And without a doubt, it's still at the top of our favorites list!

We snuggled into our seats and started examining the menu of this Zagat rated gem and decided to start out with the Cheesy Garlic Bread with their house Marinara! 

We divvied that baby up and dove right in!

Wishing we ordered double and triple helpings of the garlic bread...and agreeing,  if that was the only thing ordered...everyone would still be VERY happy! But....this wasn't the case, we were just getting started! Scraping up every last bit of the heavenly marinara sauce and reminiscing of our time at Island Pasta two years ago, it was serendipity that we had the same waiter! We all remembered each other and had a joyful reunion! 

Before we knew it our steamy hot dishes of fresh homemade pasta arrived! It was just what we were craving to combat how cool and drizzly the day had turned out to be! 

Jared ordered their scrumptiously acclaimed Shrimp Scampi and barely let a picture be taken!

Jen had been dreaming of the Rosemary Chicken served with their homemade rigatoni and pesto for months! She also, sold Mom on this dish. Truth be told...neither of them regretted their choice! 

Dad selected the Garlic Chicken, served in a white wine cream sauce over their fresh made fettuccine. Filled with savory, melt in your mouth flavors, Dad was another one who barely let us take a pic!

Janna chose the Jumbo Scallops. Served in a creamy white wine sauce with mushrooms and asparagus. Also served over their famous fettuccine...this dish dazzled! 

Talking became quite minimal during this meal...

Jen even resorted to using her fingers as extra utensils.

Polishing off our plates.....we contemplated dessert.

Trying to find room in our tummy's....we ended our delicious meal with a bit of tea, coffee and good conversation.

We left Island Pasta quite stuffed! Not exactly like an over stuffed sausage, but rather more like a perfectly formed ravioli 🙂 


X ~ The Sibs

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