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Half Thoughts, Half Truths & Whole Lies. Plus 3 Ways to Walk in Validity.

Full brain has been a lot scrambled as of late I’ve been struggling to write, staying focused while reading has also been a bit of a struggle...and brain fog, headaches and focus issues are very real (guys it’s a Lyme thing…) Even now it’s like I have only half of an idea that knows that it wants to be a full idea ready to be put into notes. If that even makes a lick of sense! HAHA

I started this post one of the nights I found myself staring at the ceiling unable to sleep! ( Also, another Lyme thing.) More on this eventually….

But, the concept of only half my brain feeling like it’s functioning led me to think about…..

“Half Truths.”

You know...the stuff we either hear or tell ourselves that either is taken out of context so it’s only half true or stuff that we sadly take to an extreme level. Let’s take healthy eating as an example. (Although, we can take this into many areas of life….) We can get so caught up in only eating “healthy, low carb….lettuce….” That we actually become unbalanced which is the complete opposite of healthy.

Moving on….

“Whole lies.” Let’s not sugar coat this.

We can all succumb to believing a falsehood to be true….Big ones like “I’m not good enough, I’m not a good parent, I’m not smart enough, creative enough, good looking enough….”

All of these can create a very heavy state of being. The sad part is when we believe these things to be true!

So here are :

3 things that help me walk towards finding the truth.

  1. Don’t compare…you are unique. It’s not a lie when they say “comparison kills” especially in the context of comparing our unique gifts and abilities to others. Hey everyone looks like they live a perfect life on the internet but just a reminder…. Those are highly edited highlight reels!

2. Strive to objectively look at things -Emotions are great and necessary, but force yourself out of your comfort zone. It can be a very comfortable place to keep spiraling in negative thinking, hurt and complacency. Trust me when I go there…I go! But I need to put the brakes on because I know deep down this road is not beneficial. That’s when I can step back and reassess where I am and how I got there.

3. Examine both sides of the coin. Even if you lean to one side better than the other… look to see where others are coming from and why. As our Aunt always says… “there are two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle lies the truth.”

Sometimes you have to dig to find the truth…you have to get through a lot of rock and debris to find those golden nuggets!

Cheers to The Dig (which was also a fantastic movie on Netflix…) Haha

X ~ Janna, my scattered little brain & The Sibs

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