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Greetings from Grace

I was recently reading Romans 5 and there are so many golden nuggets in this chapter! we’re going to take a closer look at verse says -“ But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more...”

I’m reminded of a time when my siblings and I were asked to help beautify Harlem with our Church. It was an amazing honor to be apart of this project but it came with much responsibility...and let’s just turned into a case of good ole Murphy’s Law ...Haha! What could go wrong...did! Yet, during the moments of disarray and chaos....there were lessons to be learned. From not having the right size Uhauls to carry over 100 bags of mulch...(yes..that happened) hahah, the original plant nursery was supposed to have everything we pre-ordered, but didn’t! Then, due to us being set back by the Uhaul incident we had to look in a few different spots to gather enough materials. We happened to stumbled upon a plant nursery that we didn’t originally have on the list to get plants from...but out of desperation went to take a look at the stock Anyway! To our astonishment..they had some things we needed. The Hydrangea that were there had been parched from the hot summer day and were in dire need of water. We asked this sweet young lady if she could provide a water source and she gladly filled pitchers of water for these little dry babies. I was so grateful for her willingness to help us and asked what her name was...guys are you sitting down for this...she replied “Grace” her name was Grace!

The reason I was so astonished when she told me her name was Grace is that before this moment and through the rest of the topsy-turvy day...I felt as though God kept dropping in my heart and reminding me that His grace is sufficient in my weakness and shortcomings. It’s something I don’t deserve...but He gives it freely! Whenever this day comes to continues to be a pertinent reminder of when the troubles come or when my own thoughts take over and I want to do things my way....despite me...God’s gift of Grace is ready to come in and be that refreshing drink of water to a parched situation.

Our prayer for you this week is that you would realize that in the midst of whatever you’re facing and in the falling short moments - Grace abounds so much more!

With so Much Love,

Xo ~ Jenneka & The Sibs



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