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Four Brothers Drive In - Amenia, NY

Sometimes unexpected moments are actually quite pleasant…like walking through ShopRite late on a Thursday night and hearing your phone notify you of a DM from Four Brothers Drive In-saying “Congrats you are winner of the Chevy Silverado pick up movie night!”…..for tomorrow night.🤪 Now, it took a few reads before I put it all together….(I honestly forgot I was even entered in this contest…😳) then it actually dawned on me….oh my word….we WON!

A small confession before we hit the concession….we had never been to a Drive In before! So, even though the forecast predicted rain….we were going!

We signed into the “Chevy VIP” section, explored the cars a bit and then….we felt it…

The first rain drop…and then a lot more than a few raindrops kept falling on our heads…🎶 But nothing was going to rain on our parade! Haha…

We scoped out the menu and found a lovely spot under the Concession Pavilion to wait out the downpour.

We will say Luke was a trooper…having warned us many times prior to going…. “it’s supposed to rain…” (*side note to Luke* thank you for being our friend and for handling all of our crazy so graciously.😎🤪😬)

It was time to EAT! Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Fries, drinks and a Soft Pretzel for the warm up!

Laughter and silly conversation to the soundtrack of the rain!

Countdown to the movie was on…or the guys were just seeing who had the larger hand size 🤔😂

We grabbed the keys…some popcorn, a chocolate chip cookie and some candy for the movie…

And ran through the raindrops…to get situated in our lovely “personal mini theater”. Guys, the sound system on these vehicles is no joke!

We will say this….Four Brothers Drive In does it right! Everything is an experience and everyone was truly so kind and welcoming! We honestly can’t wait to be back and we HIGHLY recommend making this a fun summer tradition!

X ~ Sibs&Co

P.S. Here is the link to our Drive In YouTube video if you fancy a watch!

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