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For Mom:

“One mother achieves more than a hundred teachers.” ~ Yiddish Proverb

With Mother’s s Day coming up on Sunday this #mondaymotivation is dedicated not only to our Mama but to all the Mamas and mother figures out there.

We love this Yiddish quote because even if you don’t “homeschool” your children (although through this pandemic many of you probably have had a taste)....let me just say....they are picking up more from you than you think!

While we 3 siblings aren’t at that parenthood stage of life just yet and maybe many of you aren’t there yet either, we can honestly say we were so blessed with a Mama who loved and lead by example. Now, no one is perfect, and I know she had struggles and moments of “Am I even getting through to these kids...?” Looking back, I’m pretty sure her questioning was warranted (especially with me). When I tell you I was a very opinionated’s probably putting it mildly. I would rearrange furniture telling her it looked better this way...had a phase of changing my clothes five times a day, would get into things like glitter...and proceeded to spread sparkle all over the school room (this was the school room with carpet...and let’s just say after that event, we didn’t have glitter in the house until we Sibs live on our own😂) I cut my own hair and blamed it on my siblings.... and this is only the tip of the iceberg! But back to my we grew I remember actually thanking Mom for her patience and love over the years! For cultivating our characters and teaching us to treat others the way we would want to be treated. I’m so happy I got the moments to thank her! If you are blessed enough to have your Mama or an important Mother figure still in your life, I encourage you to thank her and not just on Mother’s Day!

As I reminisce even more about our Mama’s beautiful life I am so thankful I got to bear witness to her work ethic and strength, to her kind and caring heart and to her genuine openness to love and see people how God sees them. This is a part of her legacy that we aspire to continue.

So Mamas, if you ever wonder if your children are actually learning anything from assured they are! If they are young now keep loving and leading them even through the hard moments! As they grow, you will eventually get to see the seeds planted sprout and grow into something beautiful!

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Sibs

Janna, Jared and Jenneka

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