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For Dad:

A running joke in our family is that our Dad should write a book of “Joe-isms”…all the random stuff he says, thinks and the advise he has given along life’s way. To be clear Dad could write multiple “Joe-ism” books along with other books on a myriad of topics.

Yet, one of the soundest, most profound nuggets of wisdom he has seemingly randomly spouted thus far is this….

“No matter how good of a Dad I try to be, there is no father on earth that can fulfill what your father in heaven can do for you! Because only he is perfect in every way!” ~ Joseph Temkin


We are so grateful for the wisdom of our earthly father…who guides us and points us to Jesus first and foremost.

We hope that no matter where you are in life whether you have had a healthy dad relationship or a rocky one or if your dad has died and is no longer with you here on this earth whatever the situation might be this post is meant to be a source of encouragement not a jab at you. Meant to remind you that you do have a father you can turn to if you choose too. You are not alone!

To all the Dad’s, soon to be Dads and Father figures out there… Happy Father’s Day!

So much Love,

The Sibs

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