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Festive Guest Room Decor + 3 Tips for making Guests feel Welcome this Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Ahhh the art of entertaining....the excitement of welcoming guests and making them feel special has always intrigued me! I loved helping Mom get the house ready for family and friends when they would come to visit. Yes, I was the 9 year old little girl trying to make the sofa bed extra “fancy” with pillows and blankets for our Aunt and Uncle when they would come to visit on weekends with our cousin. Once I used a lace tablecloth as a “blanket” at the foot of Grammy’s bed....needless to say she came “grammy walking“ through the hall, table cloth in hand...yelling “Janna, what in heavens name is this?!....Is this a tablecloth? It’s way too nice to cover my it’s not warm at all.”😂 Good idea...but gotta love Grams honesty!😳 Fast forward a few (😏) years and honestly I still love to welcome family and friends! I‘m pretty happy about the fact that my siblings/roomies like to entertain too!

This year, we wanted to make the guest room feel extra special! I splurged on a new fun and festive duvet cover by H&M Home. I couldn’t resist the flash sale and it was exactly what I‘d been looking for—gotta love those serendipitous moments.😁

In our above look, we used Buffalo Plaid to accent and picked up on the forest animal toile with a cute little fox accent pillow.

We originally styled our guest room with green velvet accent pillows and layered knit and tartan throws for depth and texture. Either look worked...but, personally I’m partial to the Buffalo plaid😁 We added pinecones, natural greens and cheery red candles to stay in the festive mood.

And now...

3 Tips to Help Guests feel Welcome:

Tip 1: Provide water and small snacks for your guests. If you know your company loves a certain snack or fruit go ahead and put it on their night stand😁

Tip 2: Let guests regulate the temperature of their room/space. Have a table fan or small heater on the ready just in case temperatures fluctuate through the night. (This is a thing in our house....the heaters in each bedroom have minds of their own one room is 85* and another 58*🙄)....yes...It’s a problem! Haha

Tip 3: Make guests feel extra special. If you have a spare set of towels, go ahead and leave that set on the bed. Add a little piece of chocolate or candy cane, a sleeping mask, maybe a guest robe or sheet mask...any small touch you may have on hand to help your guests feel valued and important.

Entertaining first and foremost should be don’t stress, rather, enjoy every moment with the ones you love!

For full video tutorial click here.

Until next time! X ~ Janna & The Sibs

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