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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2017

Does anyone ever find shopping for Father's Day to be a bit of a challenge? Not gonna lie....we do! Yet, as Father's Day quickly approaches we are surprisingly quite prepared this year and with that we are sharing a few gift ideas (traditional and errr well not so traditional) that are sure to put a smile on Dad's face.

The First Set of Ideas is solely inspired by our Father. The Yiddish Wisdom book is already wrapped and ready to go...thanks to The Paper Trail in Rhinebeck, NY and Linda Filley's art show 🙂 See we told you this year we are kinda prepared 🙂 Heck....we even have a card!!! 

$9.25 ETSY.COM

 Next, we compiled a list of gifts for the "Superhero" or "Superhero Fan" because...come on...who doesn't need a batman fidget spinner????


We also found some fun options for Grandfathers and Grandpas to be 🙂

 And lastly, if you still are having a tough time coming up with a gift idea for your Dad/and or Father are just a few more options to help. 

                                        This was a Jared gift idea.....and for only $15 it is          

                                        essentially a double gift 🙂

MENS BELTS»                  

$4.98 ETSY.COM

Hope these gift guides help inspire your Father's Day shopping!

Oh and P.S. If all else usually cannot go wrong with a nice home cooked...or dinner out 🙂

X ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared and Jenneka

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