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Farm Fashion Week-A Behind the Scenes look

Hi Fam! So here we have it...our full looks plus a special commentary by each of us...sit back, relax, enjoy....the insanity😂😂😂

First up: Janna

Ok so I look like a toss up between King Julien and some sort of crazy Cruella DeVile type antagonist in the newest Disney classic...101 Chickens 😂 All that being said....let me go back to how this started...

Belt: H&M

Blanket: Costco

Purse, Bracelet, Hat and earrings : Janna originals

We know that Fashion Week/Fashion Month is somewhat of a big deal, and yet, with everything surrounding the pandemic—well....shows are a bit different. Of course we jumped on that “different“ band wagon and decided...let’s do our first ever “Sib Challenge” and with that our “Farm Fashion Week” experience has been born!

So, I’ve been accused of not using enough “off the farm” materials for my outfit.... I was going to use sheepskin for some of this look but...unfortunately our cats had used it for a litter box 🙄 So only admission of guilt is this...I wanted to be warm....the day of our “show” it was windy and I went for the practicality of what can keep me the warmest?! Haha! Feathers and flower pots were all found on “the farm” as well as the rusted metal I used as a bracelet. Technically, I made the earrings “on the farm” so I call that as a count😂. Anywho....this was a fun and creative day!

Next: Jared.... uhhhh and his chicken.

“ I will win, even if I loose I only win!” ~Jared

And this is why we don’t have Jared write very many blog posts 😬🙄🤪

Anyway...Jared went in! He definitely uses a lot of ”found on the farm” materials and utilized those burlap bags! He added nice pops of red to the look really helping to accentuate some of the bow tie details of the outfit.

Of course his love for chicken is evident with his rubber chicken rendition and a hat made of chicken feathers. Nice.

Last but certainly not least: Jenneka (maybe we did save the best for last!)

Well folks...went all out farm for this look. Hahaha well...almost! Decided to get creative with our chicken feed bags creating a rugged yet feminine skirt and corset sewn and intertwined with twine.:-) Really Loved that yellow was one of the panettone colors of the year and I was really looking to achieve a balance of farm and high fashion with mixed from the closet to the rugged components of the farm. Hence, my hat was made out of egg carton and feathers from our chickens fastened with twine made to look like a fascinator. Decided to go with the thrifted watermelon earrings that brought the theme together along with the bug heals...because you just can’t have a farm without the bugs:-)

The clutch was also crafted from the chicken feed bag tied off with string. The ring I chose resembled a flower and the pop of orange was a fun accent to the yellow and blue of the poultry feed bag. Hope this outfit inspires you to get creative and strut down your own runway with a unique outfit made by you!

Well there you have it Fam! Our Farm Fashion looks for this season! Now it’s your turn to decide who will win! Let us know in the comments below!

X ~ The Sibs

Janna, Jared and Jenneka

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