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Easy Black & White Easter Eggs & Tips for Egg Blowing a.k.a Creating Hollowed Out Egg Shells

For this “egg-citing” DIY...all you need are eggs, a thick sewing needle, and a Sharpie! Ok you may also want a bowl for all the egg guts....did anyone say omelet!?

Before you start wash off your eggs...if they are from the store it’s more than likely they have been touched and if they are directly from the chicken coop...they probably have poop...etc. on be sure to clean.

First, poke a small hole at the top of your egg. Just a little side tip...try not to squeeze the egg too hard in your will break...and yes this is from personal experience...I broke one...hahah

Next, poke a slightly larger hole on the other side of the egg.

Blow through the end with the smaller hole.

It definitely at times needed a few good breaths and blows!

Rinse off any excess egg yolk...

Place on towel and let dry.

Once eggs are completely dry...use Sharpie to create designs to your hearts desire! Have fun, get creative!

Hope this post inspires you to create your very own decorated Easter Egg shells😁

X ~ Janna & The Sibs

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