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Easter Weekend Recap + The Biggest Surprise of the Year! (So Far...)

Hi Fam!

First, one is engaged! Hahaha! But sit tight because we do have some very exciting news! With that, sit back, grab a snack, here goes our recap from the weekend!

Honestly, it has been pretty non-stop around here these past months....and Easter week proved no different. We were coming right off our trip to Chicago (more on this coming very soon!) and a packed out - hit the ground running work week. Yet, only by the grace of God did we fit everything in!

We started food prep on Saturday afternoon. Making a lot of fun side salads, of course our Sassy Sweet Potato Salad, Vegan Mac & Cheese, and our Grandmothers traditional beets and horseradish.

We even managed to dodge a few raindrops and go for a sibling walk with Lobo.

The next morning we woke up early and set the table... For this particular Tablescape I may have gotten a bit of confirmation from our trip to Chicago. We visited the Chicago Cultural Center and saw the magnificent Tiffany Dome. It was the green and white gilded age inspiration of my dreams. And thus my brain went further down the rabbit hole. More on this table scape a bit later.

We got dressed and head off to church.

After, it was time to hide the eggs!

Filled with all organic, gluten free treats from YumEarth, Jared took his job of hiding eggs very seriously!

He hid them high and low....

Always contemplating creative ways to camouflage the eggs.

Yes, our family has a thing for going barefoot.

After all eggs were tucked away in slightly precarious was go time!