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Dels Dairy Creme - Rhinebeck, NY - A.K.A "A Farm to Cone" Dining Experience

Spring has Sprung in the Hudson Valley and what better way to celebrate then with some amazing locally made ice cream?! Since our friends Claudia and Anthony were up with their pups this past weekend, it was all the excuse we needed to head out to one of our favorite spots!

Dels Dairy Creme, located at 6780 Albany Post Road in Rhinebeck, NY - is a fabulous "cow to cone" operation and has their farm and creamery right up the road in Red Hook, NY. This quaint, roadside, gem has a fun retro ambiance. It is an ice cream shop that also supports other local farms and businesses by keeping all food Hudson Valley and Catskill based! Fam, lets just say Dels has a ton of options to delight your farm to table fast food fantasies (wow try saying that five times fast)...we aren't kidding! They even have delicious gluten free and vegan options available! (Yes...we have tried maybe more than a few things off the menu :-)

So come on...join us in getting this ice cream party started!

Again, like we said before, you will not be shy on choices which really makes this one of our favorite spots to take family and friends! I can personally vouch for the vegan/dairy free chocolate hazelnut ice cream....shall we say.... "I can't believe it's not dairy!"

Lobo wasn't the only one with a smile on his lil face since Dels also serves "pup cups"! Even as we stood on line and had the oh so difficult task of deciding what ice cream combinations we were in the mood for.....we all made some pretty spectacular decisions, that not one of us were mad about!

The look of love in Jareds eyes as he caresses the cup of strawberry ice cream sums it up pretty well...hahah

Of course once you get your ice cream you just have to taste if you wait too long to dig melts....

Did you know, you can also, grab a pint to take home so you can enjoy Dels right from the comforts of your own freezer or you can pick some up to share...makes a unique "hostess gift".

Speaking of sharing... Bentley thought we were going to ...ehhhmmm "share" some with him.....

But....that didn't happen, so we got that, . "SERIOUSLY....they didn't even drop a spoonful" face.

Jenneka's Lemon Poppyseed milkshake was the final part of our order...

As she more than approved this milkshake, we decided to head to the back and find a picnic table. (Another, "Did you Know moment" - Dels also offers a few boozy milkshake options and as soon as we all had a tiny sip from Jenneka's milkshake we understood how the originally suggested "spiritous" pairing would go rather well!) Looks like we are going to have to go back sooner rather than later to try it out :-)

We had the perfect little scout, spy a wonderful picnic table...

We all found our seats pretty quickly....

Except for Everest and Bentley who couldn't help but play as we continued to chat in the cool evening spring air.

As we finished off our ice cream and started to get chilly we head to the cars. Can't wait for the next excuse to go to Dels Roadside Ice Cream!

X ~ The Sibs & Co.

Janna, Jared, Jenneka, Claudia, Anthony - Lobo, Bentley and Everest

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