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Delizique - Washington D.C.

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

It was day 3 of our Spring 2020 Road Trip and as usual we had a general outline of the day's itinerary (more on this in a later post)....but things like breakfast had not been planned out! Enter our grumbly tummies....and although we were trying to see as much as possible...if we didn't find the right fuel for the day....we knew we wouldn't make it to all of our stops and boy did we have a few stops planned! After parking our car in the garage we decided to march on towards our first stop - the National Gallery of Art...hoping to find something along the way. Lo and behold...tucked down a little corridor was a hidden GEM! The aroma of sandwiches and coffee beckoned....we couldn't resist!

This tiny Deli packs a big punch with a myriad of options! It was hard narrowing it down! We all decided to stick with sandwiches and tried to each choose something different:-) BLTs, Turkey Clubs, Rubens, and Gyros - oh my! Lets not forget Large Americano's, and a yogurt parfait for dessert!

In the madness of ordering and high demand...they had made us the wrong sandwich...but we didn't mind one bit (we had trouble narrowing down our turkey sandwich choices anyway....the Turkey Pesto or Turkey Special of the Day?? In our minds, we couldn't go wrong either way). We paid for our order and as soon as we were ready to grab all of our goodies...we had been given an extra sandwich....the one we had originally ordered! We ended up not having to choose after all! We thanked everyone, collected our bounty and found a few tables to shove together. Oh don't mind these day 3 they started matching....uhhhh....unintentionally.....hahah. The Denim Band Strikes Again!

Said a quick prayer over the food....and dug straight in!

Each bite seemed more "Delizique" than the last!

We of course made the rounds sharing our sandwiches!

Although, not gonna lie.....this Ruben was something special!

We gobbled down our final bites....yet, the flavors in our mouths kept us dancing through the day!

See....Harry Potter didn't even need his broom to fly! Oh right....not Harry Potter...just our Daniël:-)

Again another wonderful find that we highly recommend and cannot wait to go back to next time we are in DC!

X ~ The Sibs (Janna, Jared & Jenneka) + Daniël

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