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Coronado Island Film Fest

While in Southern California last January, by happenstance...we stumbled upon the Inaugural Coronado Island Film Festival. We found out through a lovely woman who calls the Island home, that not only could we still purchase tickets to many of the films and panels, but that they were also doing a special presentation of the iconic film "Some Like It Hot." A viewing on the the Hotel Del Coronado...WHERE IT WAS FILMED! We were in!

We originally had plans for that Monday to remain in Los Angeles...BUT...who could resist an experience like drove back early Monday and made it just in time to find good parking...and...

Get a few snacks.

What's a movie without popcorn!?!?!?

And celebrities!

Jared made a beeline for the beach...

As he frolicked in the waves...we picked out our spot.

And enjoyed the pre-show.

As the sun was time for the movie to begin.

With a musical number from a local theater company and an introduction from Chris Lemmon and Leonard Maltin...The movie reel started to roll.

As the waves crashed in the background....the lights of the Hotel Del danced over the audience.

As usual the movie kept us captivated until the end. "Some Like It Hot" is truly one of the classics and honestly one of our favorites. The material will never get old!

Mark your calendars for the 2017 Coronado Island Film Festival.                                      Thursday, November 9th - Sunday, November 12th with passes going on sale in May!                                                        

Go to: for info updates!

Xo ~ The Sibs

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