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Brunch at Faith & Flower LA

After getting out of church we began to wander about looking for a place to eat...we felt the rumble of our tummies getting stronger and stronger....and our original location had a wait time of over an hour..... 

As Jared continued to browse his phone for a unique brunch spot....we passed Faith and Flower twice and wound up walking back because it had gotten great reviews. We went in....and requested a seat outside...

*Travelers Tip: We highly recommend reservations...they will seat you without if available. Yet, the safest bet is to call ahead.

Perusing all the glorious options......we ordered individually, unaware this was a Tapas restaurant....but don't worry with a little help we caught on quickly 🙂 

*Travelers Tip: If you let your server know you're a first time diner, they will compellingly guide you through this decadent food journey. When you order they perfectly time the spacing and pairings of your courses.

We started with a salad to share... Comprised of radicchio, walnuts and tossed in a slightly sweet creamy dressing to round out all the flavors.

The Jidori Deviled Eggs are highly recommended....with flavors and textures like none other...this takes your basic deviled easter eggs to a whole new level!

Another, HIGHLY recommended and nearly life altering delight is the Malted Waffle. They infuse the waffle batter with malt to create the lightest, perfectly crisped, melt in your mouth waffle you could ever eat! We would liken it to eating a crisp baked fluffy cloud.

Jared is a major fan of steak and eggs..... so of course he couldn't let this opportunity slip by. Faith and Flower put a unique twist on a traditional dish pairing it with a drizzle of chimichurri sauce and sweet potato on the side.

The Margherita Pizza boasts some of the freshest burrata cheese we have ever tasted! 

We can honestly say that anything you order will be absolutely amazing! 

With every bite we were becoming more and more mesmerized. From the Twice Baked the Eggs Benedict Pizza...the slow cooked bacon and everything in-between....Faith and Flower truly gets it right every single time! They really leave us speechless....maybe its because our mouths are full 🙂

What captured our hearts...besides the spectacular team of people working tirelessly to make Faith and Flower an unforgettable experience, was/is the consistency in creating top notch, fully flavorful...texturally exhilarating... out of the ordinary pairings of food. 

We ended our first experience at Faith and Flower with the Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta. The light and refreshing hints of citrus granita and juicy pomegranate blended perfectly with the sweet dollops of creamy bliss. The crunch from the crisped rice and sprinkles of bee pollen grounded the airy delight and completely refreshed the palate.

Before leaving we made dinner reservations for later that evening. Rumor had it  their dinner was better than brunch...which left us with a burning curiosity...and question "Is it possible, could it get any better?" (Can you tell there is a sequel in the making?) 

*Travelers Tip - Faith and Flower also has wonderful curated menu options for various holidays and special events such as Super Bowl and Valentine's Day 🙂 Be sure to check it out!

Happy Foodie Friday!

X ~ The Sibs

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