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Brunch at Faith & Flower LA

After getting out of church we began to wander about looking for a place to eat...we felt the rumble of our tummies getting stronger and stronger....and our original location had a wait time of over an hour..... 

As Jared continued to browse his phone for a unique brunch spot....we passed Faith and Flower twice and wound up walking back because it had gotten great reviews. We went in....and requested a seat outside...

*Travelers Tip: We highly recommend reservations...they will seat you without if available. Yet, the safest bet is to call ahead.

Perusing all the glorious options......we ordered individually, unaware this was a Tapas restaurant....but don't worry with a little help we caught on quickly 🙂 

*Travelers Tip: If you let your server know you're a first time diner, they will compellingly guide you through this decadent food journey. When you order they perfectly time the spacing and pairings of your courses.

We started with a salad to share... Comprised of radicchio, walnuts and tossed in a slightly sweet creamy dressing to round out all the flavors.